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Originally Posted by jkrig View Post
Also being an African American I find it odd just a few short years ago if you were mixed race with black, you were considered black, no matter what other nationality you were....but when there was an African American candidate for president, it's "half" whichever race you like....I have my own opinion on why that is but I I said not sure why those particular images were chosen, but I understand why it was questioned...

Go just a little bit further back in US history, and being mixed race meant that the racists people in charge decided for you that you were black. You didn't have any say at all in the matter. And since you were black you were not allowed to vote and all kinds of other racists results of white people deciding you were not racially pure enough to "pass" as White like them.

Now we get a bunch of people taking it upon themselves to question whether Obama is black enough to call himself black, when he would have been black enough that he would have been declared "Black" as a matter of law against his will in certain times in US history. And somehow these people are surprised to find out that there there is blow-back from them AGAIN anointing themselves Judge of another person's skin color. And yet again trying to take away a person's own say in the matter.

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