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what the CEO is saying from the sound of the telescoping wheel lock is that is more of a positive lock mechanism verse what most care use is a friction lock so was you release it the just hangs free or loose and you can get some sort of rattle. Not sure why they would care since you would not drive around with it in the non locked positions. Then again Germans tend to do analysis paralysis over things which may not be important.

His comment I think is how can a low end car deploy things like a positive locking feature on a low end car, there is engineering a cost to do this kind of thing. However, what he fails to understand is Hyundai just copies what every other company has done, they let the BWM, Merc, VW and Fords of the work do the engineering and they just copy it. They are so bad their Mini Van copied the Ford Windstar almost exactly, the headlight and taillight are exactly the same. I think the use the same companies to make their parts.

As other said, my BMW lock does not rattle either.