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Originally Posted by jkrig View Post
While I can't judge the OP's reason for choosing the images he did, I understand questioning post a pic of Perry in what some would call a "heroic" image, serving in the military (as I have) which, especially of late, has a look that is to be praised and honored, and rightfully the the pic of Obama looking well, not so honorable.....again I cannot confirm nor deny why each image was chosen but.....I'm just sayin
Exactly; however, to assume race is at the crux of the issue is pretty ignorant. You don't have to be racist to make a manipulative picture of someone with the intent of making them look bad. Now, if you made the picture because you were driven to make the black guy look bad, then yeah you're racist.

Don't like Obama's policies? Racist.
Make a funny pic of Obama painting him in a bad light? Racist.

I think what some of you guys don't understand is that there are other reasons to dislike someone besides just the color of his/her skin.