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Originally Posted by brava09 View Post
What about blowing the engine?

Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Very slim change of that if you go with the right product. I have yet to hear a case of a blown engine due to an ESS or AA kit.

Actually, as long as you follow the manufactures recommendations, you shouldn't have an issue. (not saying you won't 100%. stock engines can have issues too)

I.E. Don't mess with their tune: don't increase timing of this and that, don't change maps, etc etc.
If you are suppose to run race gas (like, if you have a race map in there), don't run 91, and especially don't run lower than that (I have heard of a case where someone put 89 in their supercharged M3, when it was tuned for the track with a race map X.x...)

All the kits that I've personally seen are reliable as long as you follow the guidelines