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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I think we all need to realize the car isnt making just 335 hp. Its probably closer to the 360-370 hp range, and once you look at that, it doesnt seem to be such an overachiever.
In the motortrend best driver's car, it couldnt touch either of its 2 closest competitors in the Cayman R and Lotus on the track (significantly so) and proved to be slower than the Cayman R in the drag race too.
Well, I don't think it's fair to compare this car to a Lotus or a Cayman R, based on price. The Cayman R and the Lotus (base price) are both more expensive than an E92 M3 (base price).

They're also vehicles built for different purposes. The Cayman is a purpose-built sports car, and while it is somewhat practical as a one or two-seater, it is ultimately a true performance car.

The 1M, as impressive as the numbers might be, is still a modified sports/luxury entry level car, that is more practical and far more compromised in nature than the Cayman.

Having said all that, I would take the Cayman R over the 1M, if I were disregarding price.