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Originally Posted by DiscoZ View Post
Agree. What other affordable, racy, high-revving V8 this side of an old Ferrari / Maso can one get? The sound is also unique, nothing like other V8's.
Absolutely, getting OT but....

Not counting the somewhat big deal of cross plane vs. flat plane crank and what that does for sound, the similarities between the F430 engine and S65 are abound. They compare in terms of all aluminum block/heads, 90 cylinder bank layout, DOHC/4V, continuously variable valve timing, displacement, bore, redline, overall power and torque curve shapes (that's a key one for engine character), a relatively high power/low torque result, compression ratio, individual throttle butterflys, non direct injected, etc. Sure you can come up with a vast list of differences as well such but these engines are pretty close in many key respects.

I think the S65 engine is about $20-25k, I bet the F430 is 3X that. Is the engine 3X "better". Hardly IMO.
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