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Cobb AP does allow to update to LC4 (2012 Trans Program) now for the prior years... I am currently running their Beta Version... they're still testing... but about 20 or 30 cars are out there now... running the 2012 tranny program... it is AMAZINGLY better day to day!

Found it!

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I just wish they would tone down the dimensions on the car. The GT-R feels so big. I like it though. If I had 90k or was able to pay 1,000+ a month for lease payments. The GT-R would have the top spot instead of an M. Anyone paying less then 1,000 a month? I don't put anything down.
Money down drops payments a lot...
If you sold your M3, and put the cash down on a GT-R, with the difference you'd have accord-like payments (maybe even civic-like payments).

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