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who will defect to F80 M3 / F82 M4?


I'm curious as to who will trade their M3 for new M3/M4, and for what reasons.

While I have no doubt BMW will ensure the new M3/4 will slightly outperform E92 I'm not expecting a huge difference. Also the loss of the 1st/last V8 and its sound and performance is a bitter pill to chew. Having saif that there are a few other reasons to switch.

I find the present M3 a sheer joy to drive and the V8 is uber sweet. The loss of depreciation would cover a S/C for it vs. getting a new one. Hmm. And new brakes too.

A. It's new, will the new look offer a more interesting or aggressive look the compels you to switch?
B. I found the only real dislike on current M3 is the somewhat stale interior(dash mainly). That would motivate me somewhat.
C. This next one would be a bigger deal to me. TECH, BMW will no doubt continue to add interesting and useful tech. Items that cant easily be done aftermarket. i.E. adaptive cruise, net access thtu Idrive. or performance tech.
D. Maybe BMW will step up individual options, such as recaro seats, colors, sport brakes or the like. They want to move towards a customer order setup rather than dealer inventory. Being able to customize your car would help that and increase profits.

Food for thought. Thanks.