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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
If by "usually", you mean "fastest ever recorded", then you're correct.

That said, the M3 will typically have a higher trap speed than the 1M, essentially meaning that if you're out on the highway in your M3 and come across a stock 1M, not to worry. You're covered. It's at lower speeds where the 1M's torque makes it an overachiever.

Not really, go check timeslips. People have gone faster than 114 stock. And anyway, who cares? Stock 1M's don't bother me, the hype and fanboys irritate me.

Anyone with a M3 (myself included as I got my M3 around the same time as 1M's came out) can afford one. I got my M3 mostly because I want a compact high-revving racy V8 in a car that (is not bad to look at - subjective I know) can do it all even though I also have a 335i - so I know the 1M's motor intimately.

To me, the 1M is an uglier, less pure version of my prior Z4MC. JMHO.

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