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Originally Posted by Reedomn View Post
I was informed for the first time that my warranty goes to 55,000 miles or 4yrs 3 mos
That's weird man. Many German car dealers get incentives for 'punching' their new cars right away as either 'demos' or 'service loaners', meaning warranty starts counting right at that moment. What that means to the buyer is car has less than the 4-yr/50K-mile warranty. And yes, the great majority of 'punched' cars are not used for that purpose, but buyers get the lesser warranty. That's why I had a hard time finding my '08 with full warranty. Finally found one in Vegas, and that's the one I got. All others only had 3 years (or less) left.

Bottom line is your car probably had the warranty extended for another reason man. Find out if it had the engine or tranny replaced. And even then, buyers usually have to b*tch and moan before BMW agrees to that. Something fishy there, but glad you have a bit more piece of mind . Take care.