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Originally Posted by DublinM3 View Post
I agree that this option would not be ideal for anyone looking for support from the vendor who's SC they are running. The software in the different supercharger kits run very specific software and boost levels based on hardware design and im sure making changes to this would open you up to major support issues if something went wrong. In the case of the G-power car it looks like the changes on the stock boost setup worked well as I would expect would happen by improving octane and lowering intake temps but if it were my car i would not attempt to add more boost or advance timing unless I worked directly with G-power on the upgrade.
I would like to see SHIV's reply on this topic but I think the best option for this is:
- Log your AFR with the S/C map (Lets say 12.5afr for example)
- Enable procede with meth and WITHOUT any fuel/timing changes and see how much the meth drops the AFR (lets say 11.7afr with meth).
- Then you use procede to lean the car back to your original AFR (12.5) and DO NOT TOUCH TIMING.

I'm have a decent amount of experience with the Aquamist kits and I have to say they are GREAT... I'm very close to installing a kit on my ESS VT2 600 M3 for cooling IAT's purposes only but I'm really thinking about Shiv's setup!!!

What do you guys think?