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Originally Posted by erio View Post
Yeah it's fun. The fit and finish on the 2012s interior is significantly improved. I would put it at least the level of the M3, minus extend leather on the m3. Then again the m3 has a more of a spartan luxury sport interior and the GT-R is mostly sporty. They did add some improved stitching to the leather on the console and dash. Tranny is less clunky by way of some reprograming. Although the paddles are not attached to the wheel, they are very long and fairly each to reach on turns. As you probably know, suspension and power are the main upgrades.
It's the same. They just changed the light-silver trim to dark-silver trim, and put a cf vernier over the center dash control panel.

If I could only get the 2012 tranny software... Sigh.
Cool 0.3+ seconds off of the 0-60 right there.