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Thanks for making this a great thread!
He're some more questions to add in.
One, would any of this change or get easier with a Short-throw shifter kit installed?

And then...
Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
...The shift actually takes LONGER at higher revs because higher revs means the RPM difference of a given speed in 1st and 2nd gear increases as you go higher up the rev band, e.g. 15 MPH might only be a 750 RPM difference between 1st and 2nd, whereas 40 MPH would be ~2000 RPM difference in 1st gear compared to 2nd gear. Synchro resistance increases along with that discrepancy, as evidenced by the difference in resistance on a shift at 15 mph compared to a shift at redline.:
Sorry if my math brain isn't making the most of that statement, but by those examples, if I'm shifting from 1>2 what would I want the RPMs to be at if I'm going 15 mph in first gear versus 40 mph? Another way of putting it: would I want lower or higher RPMs for 40 mph than 15 mph?

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...Sometimes I'm bouncy, sometimes the throttle isn't sensitive enough and I don't give it enough gas.

It's all down to learning the dynamics of any new transmission - part of the fun. It's only crappy when there are other people in the car
So, quick story about that: Once last week, I was first in line at a stop light turning left. The guy behind me had actually been riding my tail pretty closely for the past 20 min. But I had forgotten about him, and on green I attempted a smooth takeoff but instead rolled out like a spaz doing bouncy jolts over and over. The guy behind me came speeding around to the side and glared at me like, "OK I get it, already!" and sped off.