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Originally Posted by oneintheory View Post
great stuff.
Thank you very much.

Originally Posted by adobeee View Post
very nice. these are non photo-edited?
As mentioned, these have all been retouched already to produce the finished product.

Originally Posted by oneintheory View Post
they're definitely processed. extremely well, and extremely naturally, but i'd hazard a guess that there's a lot of compositing going on. could be wrong, though.
Thank you for the compliments. None of these shots outside of the interior shots are composites. They were all shot on location, but I guess I like the fact that one can't tell what may or may not be real.

Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
The shot from within the car is a clear give-away, but imo shows off HDR done right. It just feels like you're sitting in the car.
Glad you appreciate the shot, but as mentioned this was not and HDR. It was properly lit up with the strobes.

Originally Posted by oneintheory View Post
that's not HDR. the interior of the car is artificially lit, and i'm almost positive the exterior is a separate image/layer.
Correct! I went through my hard drive to find some fitting photo, and ended up coming across a shot I took in Chicago a couple of years ago.