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Originally Posted by Sick Speed View Post
You PS gurus seriously are bad ass with your work. Edit: You PS gurus need to challenge yourself with this project since most of you probably do not know how to turn on your computers.

So what I would respectfully request is a PS on the new M3 stock photo (side and angled view) of the Space Grey (I think this was the E46 A08 color) with the AVUS AF-502 wheels located here:

The color and the angle is in one of Grey Ghosts posts. I am also interested in the side angle.

Would you also keep the factory rake but lower it to about a half inch above the tire?

Finally could you add the yellow tint to the head lights? Edit: For those that don't understand this...are you kidding???

Thanks in advance and you all kick serious ass! Edit: Thanks in advance and try not to F this project up.

Sick Speed...
Sick I will do the PS for ya just post some links where I can find the images in Hi quality. you will have to give me a day or two. just because I will have to do this in my free time and like ghost said a good quality PS will take 2-3 hours.