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Originally Posted by taleof2bricks View Post
However, on 1 occasion, when I was in a hurry, from a stop, I somehow managed to shift into REVERSE, instead of 1st!
Really? The reverse spring on my car excessively hard to overcome; I almost feel like I'm bending the darn shaft. No way in hell I could ever overcome it by accident. In fact, the only way to do it and not feeling like something is going to break is to quickly (but strongly) push the lever, rather than gradually.

And yes, I also shift with 3 fingers (index in front, thumb and middle behind), so always feel what the shifter is doing. You can feel the synchro resistance in second, and can also feel the gate in 5th (rarely get it perfect), but shifts have always been smooth and precise. And have never rushed them either. There's no perfect tranny, but if I rate the best (Porsche's) at 10, I'd give ours a 9. Not bad at all. Clutch pedal has the perfect feel and engagement point, but don't like how it grabs. Again, nit picking, but I feel BMW has no excuse for not making it at least as good as Porsche. Both are Getrags, I believe, and BMW doesn't have the rubbery feel of a cable shifter, like Porsche. Oh well.