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Originally Posted by Vicnumb7 View Post
First consider the potential market in China of 3.1 billion people (roughly) compared to 311 million in the states (roughly). From a Business standpoint it is just smarter to invest in China. Coupled with the fact that places like Singapore and Hong Kong have a roughly 115% sales tax over invoice meaning the potential customers of these cars are LOADED = repeat business if satisfied
Size of the population is hardly the key factor. Relative affluence among the people is more important. Lamborghini for example, targets Singapore as one of their key markets. They scored 50 orders for the Aventador in a private preview before it was even formally launch. In this regard, China, with it's large pool of sudden rich, is a very attractive market.

US is one huge market for sure, but less profitable per car compared to other regions. You guys are too spoilt on dirt cheap cars to be willing to be suckered into paying more. For that, i envy u guys