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Originally Posted by kscarrol View Post
Sure, but pics are crap! Three iPhone pics at delivery and have never posted newer ones.
Ha ha. Bet you wish you wouldn't have mentioned my posting pictures. You are hereby officially called out on not posting more, despite promising to do so. I quote you from 10/8/10:
Originally Posted by kscarrol View Post
Sorry about the poor iPhone pics but it was too dark by the time I got home. Proper pics tomorrow!!
And, the last post on that thread, on 10/12/10 was:
Originally Posted by killaseason22 View Post
When are we going to get more pics kscarrol??
Your one year anniversary is coming up in two weeks. Do yourself proud and post those pics, as promised . . . .

But I should say, even though you didn't post better pics, the ones you did post still show a beautiful automobile. I can't wait to get mine!
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