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New M3 Sedan orderered! Thanks!

Hi, itís the OP here - I meant to post here a while back to say thanks for all the responses, but I left on vacation shortly after placing the order, and have been inundated with work ever since. So, even though it's been almost 2 months, I'll say it now: Thanks for all the input!

I did do a lot of research, as several of you suggested, read a lot of threads, and ended up opting for the Competition Package. I first decided that I wanted the dynamic damping and control of EDC, which comes with the package. Then I decided I wanted the 19 inch wheels/tires, as I think they will give it a slightly firmer/crisper ride. The rest of it Ė slightly lowered center of gravity, the DSC mapping, the nicer looking wheels, etc. Ė was just gravy.

To respond to a few of the many great posts:
Originally Posted by Technic View Post
The season premiere of Jersey Shores is upon us.
Have you ever driven an M3, even at a test drive? Only you can tell if you like the ride/handling of 18" vs. 19" donuts, the push button EDC thingy, the whatchamacallit DSC and the forgetaboutit ZCP.
I guess I deserved that. To answer your question, yes, Iíve driven several E90 M3ís, although not recently. It was just not practical this time, as I ordered from a So. Cal. Dealer (Iím in Nor.Cal.) and I didnít think it was ethical to waste a local dealerís time test-driving his cars when I had no intention of buying from him. So, I had to just get some advice from people who drive the cars every day.
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The real question is can you find a dealer with a production slot for an E90... Production ends shortly and finding a dealer with some allocation left may be tough.
Yes, you can (or at least you could 7 weeks ago)!
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Your initial thought was spot on - the suspension is the same regardless of what wheels you have. . . . . But the bottom line is that an M3, even with 18s and the non-EDC suspension, is going to make you forget all about your 3 series with sport package. Canyon carving will be taken to a whole new level.
Canít wait!

I placed my order in early August, it entered production at the end of the month, and was aboard the Grand Venus by September 15, 2011. It is due in Port Hueneme on October 11, 2011, and I should be driving it within a week afterwards.
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