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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Gee, more internet propaganda racism, what a surprise. Why don't you show Obama graduating from the Ivy League Columbia University, which he did at age 22, instead of looking like a member of "Our Gang"?

And oooohhhh, Perry's a military guy, wow. Just like John Kerry, right? What a juvenile post.
Racism? You liberals are all alike. How in the hell is the picture of a guy smoking a cigarette in any way, shape or form racist? Oh thats right, because he's black (partially) and anything said about him or posted about him in a negative vein is racist. Gotcha!. Chris Matthews, is that you posting as ScotchAndCigar?

How'd that Columbia education work out for the US so far? How's the hope and change going? That's what I thought. This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like a success story. He's an abject failure and a far far cry from being any type of leader whatsoever. Hell, I'd bet he couldn't even lead a boy scout troop. I wouldn't want this guy running a lemonade stand, let alone this country.

I'm sure, in your mind, the above comments are 100% racist.