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suspension- 2008 m3

I recently got a manual 2008 m3 with about 35k miles on it. I love the car, it has been phenomenal to drive for the past few weeks.

I must say, I am extremely embarrassed about what happened because it could have been avoidable, but I cannot do anything about it now and I have some concerns. Heres the story:

The parking space I was in had a car stop between it, and the parking spot next to it. So the car stop spanned from about half of my spot across into the lane to my right. I was parked with the front right tire right against the car stop. When I was leaving, and I cannot tell you why or how or what was going through my mind, but when I let off the clutch slightly the car rocked (because the front right tire was touching the car stop, my logic was that it was because we were on a downhill slant, so I AM in reverse but the car is just rocking). So i gave it a bit more gas. Before I could realize that I was in 1st and not reverse, the car had driven over the car stop. Only the front right tire. I put it in reverse right when I realized what happened and I backed off it.

Surveying what had happened, The bottom of the front bumper was undoubtedly scratched, but I was expecting that. I checked just about everything I could and it all looks fine, except for a very very very slight chip in the paint on the front bumper (from the strain-directly over where the bottom scraped the car stop) but you really cant see it unless you know where to look.

Now driving wise, the steering wheel felt very slightly less tight when turning it to the right. The alignment isnt off because the car is still centered when you let it run and let go of the steering. I would say it feels normal, if you arent use to the car, its nothing noticable. But I have been driving this car alot recently and I dont know, the steering feels a tiny bit less stiff.

I was wondering if any damage would have happened to the suspension or frame or anything.. or if it is just cosmetic?

Also this is unrelated, but is it normal that the engine makes a very subtle ticking every few seconds right when you turn it off? It has done that since I got the car, just wondering if anybody knew what that is or if it is normal.

Thanks in advance

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