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Originally Posted by derric View Post
If it's not salvaged and has a clean title (car fax says it finds 10 items) then that is way below anything i have seen anywhere for a uber low mileage 2011 zcp.
Most used car pricing isn't out for cars less than a year old, so if a car is a few months old, it's usually priced just like it's a year old technically. Most dealers have the common sense to add a few thousand onto the price that a system tells them to use though.

In reality a 3 month old and a 9 month or 12 month old car are so similar it doesn't really matter. It looks like the dealer originally priced it at 60k and then knocked it to 55k which is the market price for a 2010.

They probably can't sell it because it's a manual or because it has a minor accident on the carfax. Either way it's a good deal if you aren't the paranoid type who thinks a repainted bumper is worth a 20k discount.

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