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Originally Posted by a240reef View Post
These are all great questions for your Sales Rep. My advice is to find either a friend that's purchased through a dealership before and trust their good experience. I was fortunate to have friends that own BMWs and relied on their recommendation for a good sales rep. I'm also a first time BMW owner.

#1. I believe e92s are only in production till June 2012. The next generation M3 won't come out until 2013-2014.

#2. See answer above.

#3. I believe everyone on the east coast buys from the same person. Do a search on the forums. or read the pricing forums. I'm a west coaster so I didn't pay attention to that dealership.

If you're set on an e92 and can't order a new one by June 2012. Then I recommend getting a used one by your Sept 2012 time frame. Otherwise wait a few years for the new m3.

Of course I'm also a newb so I'm sure people will correct my answers.
I wish I could wait til a few years but I can't. Way to long. 6+ months is already long enough.

Originally Posted by Nelrock View Post
I'd shoot GOLFFRR a PM. Your questions are right up his alley. Can prolly get you a good price too.
Thank you for the advice. I am starting to see his name around often.

Originally Posted by Chowster View Post
If you're amazed by a 328i coupe, wait till you drive an M3...
Well, like I said. I've been driving the new Mercedes C and they are nice, but once I got into the 328i it was a whole new experience. I've never felt that type of driving before. I want to go back and test drive a 335i just to feel that.