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Originally Posted by Daniel135i View Post
The Skins blitzed a shitload and still didnt hit Tony too often. So, im pretty sure they dont have to worry about the Lions blitzes. And with the weapons back on the field, I REALY cant see them blitzing and leaving them open in the secondary. Tony has nothing to worry about here if the corners stay tight.

Dallas Defense, arguably one at the top of the league is going to stifle the momentum of the Lions a lot.

Good game, but close... Dallas W all over it though. You see the record, Dallas has 9 straight games decided by 3 or fewer points now.
not have to worry about the Lion's blitzes? have you forgotten about ol' Nick Fairley (War Eagle!) and A. Suh on the front line? with just those two rushing alone, I'd still be worried of tony still ending up on the ground... having very effective pass rush from interior linemen make LB blitzes even more effective... if I was the Lions, I'd definitely send blitzes early to test the durability of Romo. (unfortunate to say because I have Romo on fantasy this year , but I did pick up Eli manning this week who did amazing against the eagles with that elite secondary.)

I can definitely see the Lions pulling out a W if they can get to Romo early.