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it's not worth selling your 2008 and taking the dep hit on. To me it's not worth $5000 or so to make the switch, especially if you're happy with your current car.

The most important feature I want from the CIC is:
1. send addresses to car's nav directly from PC
2. aftermarket add-on to play DVDs and videos ($800 add-on?)

I don't give a crap about, google apps, facebook, twitter, high resolution, new software interface, 3D maps. You're driving a car, not playing with a computer.

Seriously that's it, and #2 costs more money to add on. At the end of the day, it's just a nav and it does what it's suppose to do, navigate you.

Now, i heard from others that the most important feature is the ease of use of the CIC controller. It's more intuitive, user friendly, less sensitive. So it'll cost you around $700 or so to buy the controller and trim to retrofit. That's the upgrade I'm willing to do.

Also, with CCC, there's lots of people who pirate recent navigation maps on DVDs and sell them for like $40 on ebay, that beats having to go the hard drive route and buy it from a vendor or from BMW.

Edit, the "plug and play" retrofit parts costs around $450 from Tischer

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