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Registration for the DE's will open up October 1st, and is completed on

Pricing is:
One day PDS (on-line registration) - $210
Two day PDS (on-line registration) - $295

Run Group details from TWS website
About the Performance Driving School

The TWS Motorsports Performance Driving School is a fun and exciting way for licensed drivers to experience the thrill of driving at high speeds, legally, in a controlled environment. Education, courtesy for others, and safety are stressed from the beginning of the day, starting with drivers’ meetings and classroom instruction for those attending for the first time.

After classroom curricula, participants can ride in and drive their car, a TWS rental Varsity Ford Mustang, or a race-prepared Mazda Miata with a personal instructor. Each student receives four (4) 24-minute driving sessions each day. Your instructor will gradually guide you to a higher level of driving skill at a pace that is appropriate and comfortable to you. There is no pressure or competition involved. This is a performance driving school focused on improving your driving skills. Your comfort and experience level dictates how fast you go and what run group you are in.

All new drivers start in the Green Group. As skill, speed, and confidence increase, instructors will recommend students for a ‘check ride’ by an evaluator to move to a more advanced group.

There are five run groups based on driver skill, speed, and experience.

Green Group is for new drivers to Texas World Speedway and those still building speed, experience, skill, awareness, courtesy, and confidence. Green students will demonstrate flag awareness, traffic awareness, traffic courtesy, and the ‘driving line’ prior to advancing to the Blue Group. All Green Group drivers have a personal instructor assigned to them.

Blue Group is for those drivers who have successfully participated in the Green Group and want to increase their experience, skill, smoothness, awareness, and confidence. Blue Group drivers will be introduced to advanced driving skills, such as trail braking, heel-toe shifting, and threshold braking. Blue students will master flag response, traffic management, control input smoothness, and the ‘driving line’ prior to advancing to the Yellow Group. Blue Group drivers will have an instructor assigned to them.

Yellow Group is for drivers that have successfully participated in the Blue Group and have sufficient performance driving experience to drive ‘solo’ (without a dedicated instructor). They're building confidence, gaining more experience, increasing speed, and fine tuning their advanced skills while driving solo. Yellow students will master threshold braking, trail braking, and throttle steering prior to advancing to the White group. Yellow group drivers will receive at least one instruction session per day.

White Group is for advanced drivers working on advanced techniques such as driving off-line, passing in turns, and trailing throttle oversteer. White students will master these skills prior to advancing to the Time Trial program. White group drivers will receive at least one instruction session per weekend. Advanced Instructors will recommend highly experienced White group drivers for an instructor ‘check ride’ by the Chief Driving Instructor, to select drivers for entry into the Instructor Training Program.

Red Group is for PDS instructors only.

The designation of a participant's run group is subject to the approval of, and reviewed by, the Chief Driving Instructor and Chief Steward.

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