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Originally Posted by ennislaw View Post
Wow, great coverage and nice shots! One long smorgasbord of autos there!

Did you get close enough to the i3 and i8 to form an opinion?

Close enough to touch them! They are really starting to grow on me. Especially the i8. These cars are Born Electric - meaning they are extremely light weight and strong from the ground up and designed with being electric from the beginning. Not some hybrid after thought to an existing car. You can see it in the inner structure of the i8 the CF frame structure, like above the driver and glass roof area.

I heard on the German radio that the i3 will sell for under 40K euros, have a 0-100kph in under eight seconds and a range of 180kms per charge. Charging will only take a few hours. The i3 is only an electric car while the i8 is a hybrid. I like them both. But the i8 is pure sex, while the i3 is just a (plain) city car.