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The Magic Eraser for maintaining leather? Who knew?

I think that I may have found a viable method for maintaining "like new" leather condition. I introduce.....The Magic Eraser. Yes enthusiasts, I am dead serious. Allow me to share how my experience has led me to this conclusion.

People have many opinions on how to maintain the interior and exterior of an automobile, and BMW enthuiasts are no different (..aside from exhibiting slightly more obsessive compulsive tendencies than your average person ). In my many years of owning BMW's (..and being a member of majority of the most popular BMW forums), I have tried most of the methods and products suggested by members whom, without any doubt, truly care about the well being of their BMW's. Some of these methods (..i.e..exterior cleansing) I still employ to this day! Many of the products recommended, however, have ultimately resulted in a bit of dissatisfaction on my part. Some products "change" the texture of the leather while others cause the leather to shine, which is unlike its original appearance. I could be nit-picking, but like many of you I also exhibit some obsessive compulsive tendencies.

My prior experience with leather care products caused me to try some unorthodox cleaning methods such as bar soap and water (..yeah, I know!), but that method was unsuccessful where dirt and leather shine was concerned. The dawn of a new day was ahead however, and my morning shower led to a startling revelation. As I looked around the shower while scrubbing my unmentionables, there lay Mr Clean's Magic Eraser. I thought to myself, "Hmmm! This eraser is good at erasing all sorts of shit. I wonder if it can erase the dirt off of my driver's seat!!??!" Keep in mind that I wipe my seats down with a slightly damp microfiber towel after every wash, and I cover the seat bottom when I'm driving the car (..OCD much? ), so my seats are in very, very good condition. I have Silver Novillo leather, so maintaining it is of huge importance to me. It doesn't take much at all for lighter colored leathers to begin looking unsightly.

I hopped out of the shower with vigor, destined to embark on a new leather maintenance journey. I grabbed a damp microfiber towel, a damp Magic Eraser, my garage door opener and my key, and headed downstairs. Smiling like a teenage boy who just lost his virginity, I went to work on my driver's seat. Erase!....Wipe!....Erase!...Wipe! The results were astonishing! Not only was ALL of the dirt on the side bolsters no longer present, neither was the gloss from sweat/contact with clothing (..most noticeable on the upper portions of the seat where your shoulders would rest). The driver's seat looked just like my regularly empty passenger seat again. The restorative nature of the Magic Eraser had impressed me yet again, and I will continue to utilize its effectiveness on my leather seats from this day forward.

Just thought I would share.......

....flame suit on!

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