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Originally Posted by snowman9711 View Post
Im about to purchase a Magnaflow catback exhaust and Iv heard videos of the exhaust and Iv heard all around good things, but can anyone give me a real pro's/con's of this exhaust because I want some extra info before I drop $1300 on this
Just had this installed in the last couple weeks. If you look up some reviews on here, you'll hear people complain of drone at the infamous 2k RPM mark. I can say that it is indeed true. There is drone in general from 1.5k RPM to 2.5K RPM peaking at 2k. I find myself avoiding that rev range (which it's hard to). It's bearable for now, but time will tell. When you get on the gas at 2.5k RPMs, it sounds very nice! It's kind of like an exotic muscle car sound. It is loud for only a cat-back system though!

If you do some searching, these systems can be had for cheaper.

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