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DIY FLIR Night Vision e90 LCI


First of all, THANKS to my friends Gerardo, Rafa and Juanjo, they helped me to do all this proccess.

I have installed the FLIR camera in my e90 LCI. I have written comments in the images. Sorry because there are many grammatical errors.

This is the final result. It make sense at night:

The reason to install this camera was a car crash i had 3 months ago, against a horse. This was my old car:

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The car reacted very well. Luckily, i had no company at that moment. So i decided to buy another 3 series car, because i liked my car. I bought a 318 instead of a 320, and with the price different i bought the FLIR camera.

I tought about differents solutions about the monitor, because i don't have iDrive. I made some paper prototypes:

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I really like the monitor in the dash part, but i wanted a plug-in solution, maeby with magnetics pieces or something. It was impossible to fit the monitor in that position.

So i decide to buy a rearview mirror monitor like this one:

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Here there are the dimensions of the camera and bracket:


Also you need the FLIR cable to connect the camera to the monitor. I bought a fuse adapter in order to get the power from there:

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This are the steps needed:

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There are more images in the second part.