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Originally Posted by jasonmaxima View Post
Here is the thing... my sales guy told...oh the e9X M3 has 420 bhp...when actual spec is 414bhp... and almost 300lb/ft torque... vs 296 lb/ft (actual) so is he wrong or right to 'round' up the figures?

I fully agree that I'd be pissed if I stepped into a showroom and they told me, an x5m vs the new F10 m5 has the same power output etc. That would be downright glaringly wrong.

I'm 100% happy with their servicing and warranty claims since I have 5 years / 100,000km warranty from them on my car....I get free parts & labour except for tires.

To quote an example....if I get a streak on my wiper blades due to the frequent tropical rains here, I can go in for a FREE replacement. If my brakes get worn...I go in for free pads, fluids and rotors. Tell me if that is great service or not?!
Hi dude, you get such great service from a dealer with the highest profit margin you could find anywhere on earth for a BMW. If I were you I would be pissed if they don't offer such service or I don't get world class reception and the most knowledgeable sales rep.

Remember each M car you buy, you are paying them $100k~150k profit to train the sales rep, build up the showroom/garage and offer that great service. If they can't even train a proper knowledgeable sales rep with such kind of money, you are SCREWED.

Are you paying top dollar for the top car? yes. top service? maybe. Top value? WTF!!!!