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Swissvax'ed: Silver Porsche GT2RS

It's been a crazy last few weeks! I've been putting in over 60 hours a week Detailing!


This GT2RS in particular took me about 9 hours on my own for the exterior, the Interior is going to be done, but at a later date when the Swissvax Leather Healer comes in.

Where to begin... This car hadn't been washed in a VERY long time, and spent a whole year in Canada without any sort of "Proper" Detailing, and had only recently been brought back to Miami.

The exterior was very contaminated to say the least.

Here's how the car looked upon arriving at the owner's Airplane Hangar...

After unloading my supplies from the car, I decided to go ahead and apply SONAX Full Effect to the wheels before preparing the buckets in order to let the product work in.

Following cleaning the wheels, I proceeded to clean inside all the hard-to-reach areas and body panel creases. For this I used P21S Total Auto Wash with a Swissvax Detail Brush

Swissvax Car Bath Opaque was used on all the Matte Carbon body pieces.

Following the wash, the entire exterior surface, including glass was clayed using Swissvax Paint Rubber (Yellow) with Quick Finish for lubrication. Following that, all the rubber seals were treated with Swissvax Seal Feed; and the plastics were treated with Swissvax Protecton.

Next on the list was to take care of the Matte Carbon pieces wit hthe Swissvax Opaque Line

After treating all the Matte surfaces, I proceeded to Apply Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular and subsequently Swissvax Autobahn Wheel Wax by hand.

I then treated the exterior with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular By Hand

The gloss Paint was then treated with Swissvax Zuffenhausen wax for Porsche Paint Systems.

Removing the wax with a Swissvax MicroPolish towel... the BEST towel to remove wax...

Drumroll Please.................

Wait for it..........

And the Finished Result!

Remember, NONE of these images have been retouched in any way after shooting, these are how the shots come DIRECTLY from the Camera.

The Door Jambs were finished with Swissvax Nano Express (Glossy) and Swissvax Opaque Wax (Matte)

The interior HAS NOT been detailed yet, but still worth a picture...

The result of Swissvax Opaque on a matte Finish

That's all for that one! Thanks for looking!

Here's the list of products used:

-P21s TAW
-1Z Blitz
-1Z W99
-1Z Windscreen
-Sonax Full Effect
-#0000 Steel Wool

-Car Bath
-Seal Feed
-Engine Shine
-Paint Rubber (Yellow)
-Quick Finish
-Cleaner Fluid Regular by Hand
-Zuffenhausen Porsche wax
-Nano Express
-Cleaner Fluid Regular
-Autobahn PTFE Wax (Wheels)
-Pneu Glossy
-Black Puck Applicator
-Black wax applicator
-Micro-Absorb (Red)
-Micro-Polish (Blue)
-Pneu Brush
-Detail Brush
-Wheel Brush
-Metal Polish