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Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
sorry to be a wet blanket but ....

i have been to this dealership more than once because i have family who live in singapore. its really quite small and not as impressive looking as it looks in pictures.

i think the M exclusive dealership is nothing more than a marketing gimmick to try and get more singaporeans to buy M cars by making it 'exclusive'.

also the M car sales people that i spoke to werent very knowledgeable bout the cars they were selling. considering that there are so few M cars in the line up, you would think they would have memorized all the specs of each vehicle by heart. everyone knows HP figures but when it comes to things like weight, torque, rev limit, etc; no one's got a clue.

unfortunately the owner of the M car dealership has managed to secure a contract to be the exclusive dealer that can sell M cars in singapore. so if you want an M car, you'd have to go there to get it.

on a positive note, one young sales woman did let me test drive an M3 with DCT while i was there, even though i told her that i am based in canada. she was cute and friendly but she knew nothing bout cars. i guess they hire pretty faces.
Hey Montreal red... let me ask you a few questions.

What made you buy your M3? Why did you choose to buy an m3 over say an Audi or Merc or any other performance marques available in Canada? Did you research extensively about the M3 or the other cars you currently own or used to own?

Perhaps you are a hardcore BMW fan and would not consider any offerings by other marques....or that you've lusted the M3 and had a poster of an M3 hanging on your bedroom wall since young.

Whatever the reasons maybe, I am sure you would have done extensive research prior to heading down to the showroom to purchase a vehicle. Rev limit, weight, petrol tank capacity, engine displacement, options, material used in the engine, performance etc

Going into a dealership armed with an encyclopedia worth of knowledge of your dream car.... do you expect that the sales person to trump your knowledge with even more information?

The plethora of car reviews globally choosing / endorsing the m3 over other performance rivals already helps sell the car and creates an iconic brand awareness.

I have met sales persons from other marques who have recited specs of cars they were selling both perfectly and wrongly. However I do not chide them for misquoting information even if the spec sheets are hung from the driver's side window at the showroom and I can read them.

You've gotta admit, sex sells...especially putting a pretty face (female sales executive) to sell the product. Did you try walking into other high end car showrooms while you were in Singapore? What were the experiences / impressions you got? Please comment?

I think the part where you scored a test drive, eventhough I think you did NOT have the PROPER papers PLUS seeing the dealership personally is already a dream come true.

Personally, I think the conversation piece of the showroom is their impeccably spotless service center specially dedicated to servicing M cars. I've been told the service center is wiped down 3 times daily....