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Originally Posted by CPWINCH View Post
love the color, not feeling the car
It's all good. My car serves a purpose which is to raise heart awareness thru the CF mods that are inspired by my heart which is partly mechanical and made of CF.

Originally Posted by PKL View Post
I thought you kept the E46 and ordered an E92 M3 brand new in Atlantis Blue.

oh well, money doesn't grow on trees! :thumsbup:
So true that money doesn't grow on trees. I'm happy with the direction I took. I do plan on getting an M someday but for now I'm enjoying my supercharged 323i in its new color.

Originally Posted by MyKmYk View Post

So happy to finally see this thing in pictures... It looks fantastic! Great job. I wish I lived closer so I could see it in the flesh...

Again, great job.

Thanks Myke!! You and your car played a large role in inspiring me... thank you, bro.

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One word: Rice.
Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
To each their own, fellas. I do what I do to raise heart awareness thru my car (all the CF mods are inspired by my partly mechanical heart made of carbon fiber). I make a difference in the community thru the work I do... nothing rice about that, fellas.
My 2 Little Girls... the REAL carbon fiber keeping my mechanical heart alive

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