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Originally Posted by KTM505SX View Post
Numbers put down by a pro driver at a racetrack,have absolutely nothing to do with feel,feedback,weight and emotion a car exudes.A GTR will feel sterile compared to a 997GT3 or even a 996GT3.
this is just beyond funny i have to add my 2 cents.

you do realize that the gt3 is a turbo competitor, not gt3/rs.

it really depend on what you want. if you want a 911 turbo but don't want to pay almost twice the price. the gtr is for you. try use your gt3 in the snow and report back. you can drive all year round with the gtr and turbo and that is the idea.

if you want NA with all the feel, etc, then gt3/rs.

it's pretty funny how porsche fanatics keep comparing the gtr to the gt3. why not compare it to the turbo. oh wait, the turbo cannot beat the gtr on the track even at twice the price, so they magically don't want to mention it each time.

even Nissan said dozen time that the gtr is to compete with the turbo and rightly so. awd, turbo, more than 500hp, dual clutch, etc. what so difficult to understand that logic?

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