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BMW Performance Parts Install, Observations

Installed the following "Performance" parts today and would like to share some of my observations:

- Painted reflectors. Piece of cake. Use a towel and something wide and flat to push/pry from the bottom

- Kidney Grills. Used a DIY published here. As many pointed out, the worst clip is the one closest to the headlight, I concur. But do not do it first. Undo the 3 on top then it is a lot easier to deal with the "headlight" clip.

- Side gills. Piece of cake. I used the scotch tape method published here. Just apply some scotch tape to give yourself leverage and wiggle the hell out of it. If you're using anything but your hands (god forbid - screw driver!) - you're doing it wrong.

- Key hole delete. It took me a while to figure out that the access hole to remove the screw is under the door trim (I have a coupe). I felt kinda stupid after looking at the DIY video published here and not being able to locate a plug featured in the video..

- CF Mirror Caps. Piece of cake. Just pull and wiggle. Comes off like a charm. No tools needed.

- CF Spoiler. This one was a bit complicated compared to everything else. I used a DIY published here. You will definitely need a heat gun to do this job. Removing the OEM spoiler was easy, I used a fishing line and a heat gun. But removing glue residue was a bitch. I had stuff called Guff Off from Lowes. It works good as long as there is little glue left. The only problem is that after removing the spoiler there is sh%t load of glue left. I found solution - scrape off some glue and form a glue ball, then use your heat gun to heat the glue on the trunk (inch at a time) and use the glue ball to remove just heated glue. It is a painstaking process and my fingers still hurt, but it works. The glue ball will grow larger Then use the solvent to remove the traces.
Second part was to apply Betalink. Use it sparingly, I used little, but still I think I could have used less. My mistake was that I did not mark the exact location where I want to install the spoiler. After moving it a little to position it where it needs to be I ended up with a bunch of Betalink around the spoiler. This stuff is not fun to clean up. Use AS LITTLE AS possible in the center section looking at it from the rear. That gap is the hardest to clean. And have your blue painters tape handy, you will need it to secure the CF spoiler in place.

I also did CF licence plate frame and M3 valve stem caps. I am done for now Saving money on exhaust