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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
Ran across this article.

The Dual-Clutch Transmissions Goes Down In Front Of The 8-speed Gear Box

The German automotive manufacturer ZF announced that BMW might give up in favor of dual-clutch transmissions automatic transmission with eight steps. The same measure could be taken also by Porsche regarding PDK transmission.

The double-clutch transmissions from BMW could be replaced with eight-speed gear automatic transmission boxes. This situation was basically launched from the ZF company sources, the DCT transmission supplier for BMW and PDK for Porsche. It seems that the two types of gearboxes are niche products, which are extremely expensive to manufacture and have limited utility in the range of the two manufacturers. It seems that the existing materials and technologies do not support a higher torque.

The most prominent argument of the hypothesis that the DCT transmission will disappear from the range of BMW M models lies in equipping the X5 M and X6 M. The two SUVs are equipped with a performing automatic transmission to provide updated technical changes of speed as fast as with a dual-clutch units. Eliminating the DCT Series M transmission from the Bavarian manufacturer could lead to a ceasing production of this type of transmission line and its replacement with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which already has been created by ZF engineers. The BMW 760i BMW F01 is the first BMW model that will use this type of transmission.

While some manufacturers still offer automatic transmissions with four or five-speed, ZF people in Detroit had an automatic gearbox with nine steps, destined to the cars with front wheel drive and transverse engine.

The experts from ZF presented a new automatic transmission. In addition to the record number of gears, nine, the new unit is for use on cars with transverse engines. This means that the nine-speed ZF transmission will be implemented on a front-wheel drive model. According to first information, the new transmission will debut on a Chrysler model, but there are good chances for it to go further on BMW models with front wheel drive and in other manufacturers ranges.

Thanks to how to change module took over from the eight-speed transmission made for models with engine located longitudinally, the changes will be extremely fast speed and will not be felt by the driver or passenger.[/size][/font]
No surprise there since nothing is being left untouched in the quest to wring out maximum fuel efficiency from vehicles thanks to the constant bar raising regulations.

However, can you begin to imagine the exhaust note of those 8 or 9 close gear ratio equipped vehicles that are shifiting within an relatively narrow rpm bandwith at an also relatively modest 6k or 7k rpm for an upper limit?