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I would go with David, the other forum member/dealer. he offers invoice pricing.

If you are getting more than 7 percent off the msrp than you are either lying or getting a price lower than invoice. I do not think people should get the idea that you can get a car for less than invoice here. So the guy above getting it for 9 percent off msrp is lying or misunderstanding his pricing.

You can look around and get invoice somewhere which is 7 percent.

Residual value is 56 percent for the m3 coupe in 2012. MF is .00195.

That means if you et invoice on a roughly 75k dollar car and you put NO money down you are looking at 1k per month. The dealls are not as good as the 2011's but still pretty darn good relative to other brands of cars in that price range.

New buyers should use the 1k per month on a 75k msrp car as the goal to shoot for. Anything less than you either put money down or you need to do ED.

Now if you get a car with msrp of 70k or less than you can get into 850-950 dollar payments if you get invoice pricing.You can go from there to figure out ballpark payment for a car at invoice pricing. The worst part in 2012 is the residual dropped and MF increased a bit. Probably ends up costing about 50 bucks more a month than a similar 2011. But the benefit is you have a 2012!