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Originally Posted by fluidkaos View Post
Another thing to look at is that all the shots that are showing the disc of the sun with rays are clear day no haze shots, and the original shots with blown portions you provided are through cloud and haze. This diffuses the light quite a bit. Even in the clear day shots, the sun is blown out, its just a sharp image of a blown out area. With the haze in your shots it's spreading the blown out portions beyond the disc of the sun itself.
Exactly. And my issue is that my eyes see the sun as a perfect round disc in the haze and fog. So how do I capture that without blowing out highlights or ending up with a grossly underexposed foreground?

I'm thinking I need an ND filter, so I just ordered one. We'll see how it works. And the next time I see the sun filtered through fog, I'll try the ND filter and I'll try a shot with my 10-22mm to see how that lens handles it.

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