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Originally Posted by Eugene-TAIWAN View Post
well after my studying from last night.

I think the price should land somewhere from $700-$1000USD

because on the N54/55 there is an additional pipe that is needed.

$700 is just for the kit itself.

Aquamist sells their own kit fo $900 so....

my question now is when can this be delivered I'm very curious to try it out of my boosted M3
Just to clarify this not a "meth kit". It's a fully functional tuning device with integrated meth injection hardware. The brains of the system is our plug-and-play Procede engine control computer that we use in all our BMW applications (n54 and n55), a custom wiring harness, a meth pump and aquamist high speed valve/flow tube/filter and nozzles. This is different from "just adding a meth kit" because the Procede controls the meth kid AND AT THE SAME TIME, re-maps AFR targets and ignition advance to compensate. This way it provides max power while providing what is perhaps the best meth injection failsafe you could even imagine (ignition and AFR adjustments don't happen until it reads actual methanol flow).

So what you will need is:

-Procede engine tuning computer. This can either be used instead of, or with, a reflashed DME that you already may have. The end result will be essentially the same either way. It remaps fuel, timing, eliminates speed limiter, removes cat inefficiency CELs, reads/clear codes, enables in-dash gauges, etc,. For n54/n55s, this unit costs $945. The M3 version's price is yet to be determined.

-Associated Methanol Injection hardware. This includes all the custom bits that we source from Aquamist. We do not use their controller or failsafe box since the Procede covers these functions while integrating with the tune. For n54/n55, this costs $1075 but that includes a charge pipe which will not be needed in the m3. So the price will be adjusted accordingly.

If you just want a meth kit and don't want a device to re-tune your engine when meth is flowing, you can simply purchase a kit from Aquamist. It will have it's own controller which will meter meth based upon injection DC. They work very well. But since it isn't a tuning device, you will not get the same gains/functionality as you would get with a Procede doing all the brain work.

Those are essentially your options. Hope that helps...