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Originally Posted by BMW//M View Post
My question is would you consider DCT a manual or automatic transmission when filling out an insurance form. I'm going to get DCT because I don't want to have commute daily 30 miles with a manual transmission in traffic.
There is no question whatsoever that DCT is an automatic transmission. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves. Yes, it has a clutch based mechanism, but since it is capable of shifting automatically, it is an automatic. Torque converter autos are also available these days with paddle shifters, and actually, function quite well this way. The new 8-speed auto in the 550i shifts very quickly and smoothly with the paddles and yet it is not a DCT.

From a pure performance standpoint, we have arrived at the time where the automatic can outperform the manual. It didn't used to be this way. The reasons for buying a manual now are different.
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