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Originally Posted by ottoblotto View Post
Black Novillo Leather.
Mutt, I have always maintained a high level of care in my vehicles and I have always paid much attention to the wear of my leather always treat with cleaner/milk, scratches/swirls in paint only hand wash and polish plus wax/sealants, ect ect ect... But, this is the first to show signs of wear with such little use. It is very obvious on the outboard thigh and lower back (both sides). I read quite a bit through the forum where folks discussed the quality of the leather, but no one really said it was bad. Just lack of care from previous owners. That is not the case here, just showing wear sooo fast... damn...
I understand and in some ways I feel for you, but in reality you're doing great. The overwhelming majority of owner wouldn't even notice that until it's too late to fully save. Keep in mind leather needs to be cleaned somewhat often.

Also keep in mind that most side bolsters in cars aren't leather, but vinyl to give better durability while lowering cost to the manufacturer (upfront costs are lowered, and long term warranty costs go down as well).

Last, please keep in mind the urethane coating on your leather will naturally wear down and become more smooth over time which will add to the "shine" that you see.

In end, don't sweat it man! Give it a nice cleaning and put a quality protectant on it (I prefer Leather Master Protection Cream of GTechniq L1 myself). Because you're listed as Europe, you may want to look into LTT leather care products.