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Originally Posted by BMW//M View Post
My question is would you consider DCT a manual or automatic transmission when filling out an insurance form. I'm going to get DCT because I don't want to have commute daily 30 miles with a manual transmission in traffic.
Tranny type doesn't make any difference to the insurance companies.

As to your second statement, your point is well taken. Interestingly, at least to me, is this little nugget about the benefits of a manual over anything without a third pedal.

Stick shift: Learn it, drive it

As mentioned, it's still a good idea to learn to drive a stick shift.

Here's why, courtesy of Eddie Alterman, the editor-in-chief of Car and Driver magazine, who last year launched a "Save the Manuals!" campaign in response to dwindling industry production of the stick shift:

It's enjoyable: "It's more fun to have control over the gears," says Alterman, noting "the gratification of a well-timed heel-toe downshift."

It's revivable: "You can start your car if it's got a dead battery by popping the clutch on a hill, whereas with an automatic you have to get a jump or a tow," he says.

It requires focus: "If you're worried about your kid texting while driving, there's no way they can do all this at once," Alterman says. "It's a big deterrent to doing anything behind the wheel other than driving."

It's fuel-efficient: When driven correctly, a manual transmission delivers more miles per gallon than an automatic.

It's cheap: A manual transmission has fewer parts, so it's less expensive to repair. When offered as an option, it also typically costs less to buy.

It offers control: "You think there would be all these unintended acceleration problems if people had stick shifts?" asks Alterman.

It will get you from Point A to Point B: What if there's an emergency and the only vehicle has a stick? 'Nuf said.