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For one, I'm willing to bet that you didn't have quite the eye for your last cars. It's easy to say that you've never had such issues, but chances are you're paying more attention to your new beautiful ride, or the leather color is less forgiving than other cars from the past.

Aside from that, wear happens. The idea of taking good care of your ride is to minimize extra wear on your car. If you think this is bad, just wait: I'm willing to bet that even if you don't track your car or do nasty burn-outs, you'll need new tires, and even if you're not red-lining your engine each time you drive it that you'll need new oil.

If you're having issues like significant build up, tearing, and heavy creasing; there's a problem. If you're getting a little shine - no problem and it just means you need to give a thorough cleaning to your leather surface. Doing so every 6 months or so should be enough to keep things right.