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I guess this is just something I will not change my mind about. Alternatively I did not like the f10 m5 at first but it has grown on me v. this just has gotten less and less appealing.

Looking at those dyno's just make it all the more reason it is clear to me that owning that car is taking the 335 engine with a tune and slapping it in the car. I do not doubt its as fast as the m3, handles as well or better and gets better gas mileage but the entire point of the enjoyment of the m3 is that you are driving something special and unique. The engine dynamics is 75 percent of the fun of the car. Knowing your engine has a hp curve like an F1 car (on a very scaled down version). Having to keep your hand on the paddles or shifter and shift a lot just like F1 guys. Hearing the throttle blips at frequent downshifts. Hearing the screaming engine while you keep it above 6500 and in and out of 2nd and 3rd, listening to it scream constantly.

For decades there is something faster you can buy than the M cars but the whole reason is the M cars had something unique and special, not that they were necessarily faster. Again I believe the 1m is as fast or faster but to most I do not think that matters as much as the fun/unique factor