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Originally Posted by erio View Post
Wow! What a job. I can't wait to see the results. You are certainly going with the best parts. AMS is amazing and I have heard very good things about Sheptrans. Is this going to be a full alpha10 package?

Originally Posted by E90///M3` View Post
Mike - i see you decided to go AMS 10 also! haha... i knew quite a few guys that have their cars there right now.
Just out of curiosity... why did you decide on the AMS10 > the AMS12? I know the 12 is a little bit more of a true race engine but i believe it could be tuned down for streetable purposes correct?
It cost a lot more since it comes with a larger bore block 3.8>4.0, CNC heads, and a slightly larger turbo. Yes, it's just as streetable.

Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Alpha 10 is a good low 9 second car! Are you going to run e85 on the alpha 10?
Yes. I want be able to make use of all the power since my fuel system will be a limitation. E85 requires about 30% more fuel over say 93 or MS109. I will have a high boost tune for MS109.

Shep tells me I should get the tranny back early next week and I'm moving along pretty well on the engine build. I want to give a shout out to Ritchie Griffin for helping me build this engine!

Checking the rod bolt stretch
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