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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Gold will be a buy again when Bernanke cries uncle and gives the street QE3...simple as that...
and that's what im talking about, Q3, rumours, real bankrrupcy or whatever.

Originally Posted by richpuer View Post
when your mailman and hairdresser both tell you to get long Gold and Silver in your portfolio (as they both told me 3 weeks ago), you know its time to GTFO and get fucking short as fuck and keep pressing it....thank god my puts came in bids last week and soared over 1000% today..
That story is not with your mailman but with your "shoe cleaner guy" (i dont know the word in english) and it was Rockefeller before the 29 crash or somebody like this who said it

Originally Posted by rallysport View Post
Well this at least explains gold, silver and copper going down. Not like there was much insider trading going on here or anything
Oh really? i born yesterday you know?

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