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Originally Posted by BMWsully View Post
The cost of the car(s) is not an issue at all actually. There are a couple factors at hand though that I'm not afraid to admit:

1) The M3 is on the higher end of the spectrum of whaT my wife is "allowing" me to spend on a car. Could we afford more? Sure, but I think spending ~55k on a car is a fine compromise at the moment.

2) Rates on the '12s right now are pretty terrible, whether I can afford it or not, I'm not trying to get myself locked into a bad rate / deal.

3) Conversley, the rate I'd be getting on the '11 is very good.

4) The '11 M3 is EXACTLY what I want as far as the color, transmission, roof type go and it is sitting there on the lot. I know it is missing a few options, but it is very tempting to me.
Like I said before. I had both 335i and M3. If you are really into sports cars and driving hard, you will want the M3. If you just want to loaf around town, get the 335i. I like driving hard, and the M3 was far better in this respect (even though my modded 335i was faster in a straight line.)
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