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Originally Posted by Eugene-TAIWAN View Post
So most of us have ESS, Gintani, and AA kits on our cars.

I think ESS and Gintani uses a water to air cooling (will it make a difference? better or worse?)

AA and Gpower uses a air to air so I guess the results will be similar? the Gpower intercooler is very large in size as well.

also where are the 3 nozzals installed?

my car is pushing 15psi right now and I'm just using an AEM meth injection for cooling only but I don't think the car is cooling down enough because our weather in Taiwan is very humid (90%+)and hot!

so basically if I can get my car down cooler I think the will be even better at 15psi it should make?.....60whp difference???
It's hard to estimate the gains without knowing what kind of IATs you are seeing now. If you are running 15psi (!!), i'm assuming they must be very high. In that case, a properly mapped meth kit will help you. How much better will it work than your current meth kit, I can't say. In my experience PPS meth kits leave a lot to be desired. Especially when you are using them with a tune that doesn't have meth failsafe.