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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
if you can't afford 10k for options on a 56k car, you can't afford it
The cost of the car(s) is not an issue at all actually. There are a couple factors at hand though that I'm not afraid to admit:

1) The M3 is on the higher end of the spectrum of whaT my wife is "allowing" me to spend on a car. Could we afford more? Sure, but I think spending ~55k on a car is a fine compromise at the moment.

2) Rates on the '12s right now are pretty terrible, whether I can afford it or not, I'm not trying to get myself locked into a bad rate / deal.

3) Conversley, the rate I'd be getting on the '11 is very good.

4) The '11 M3 is EXACTLY what I want as far as the color, transmission, roof type go and it is sitting there on the lot. I know it is missing a few options, but it is very tempting to me.